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Spring Gifting 101

Spring gifting is in full swing with graduations, teacher & coach appreciation gifts, baby shower gifts and the list goes on! Don't feel overwhelmed because I  have a few tips that will have you looking and smelling as good as those flowers in the yard (or your neighbors yard:).

You will want to find a  medium sized basket that you can store some must-have items in. I call my mine the "gifting basket" - a genius name really!

Once you have your basket handy here are some things you need to gather. (Side note: I make this basket a DO NOT TOUCH basket or clean the bathroom for the next year. I'm in a mad rush to get a gift together because I'm a busy mom and if I'm searching for scissors you do not want to go there, okie dokie?)

  1. Sharp pair of scissors
  2. Twine (from the craft store)
  3. Cellophane bags
  4. Cardstock paper
  5. Some gourmet candy/treats and little gifts 
  6. A good Sharpie marker or pen
  7. A few stems of fresh flowers from the garden to tie with the twine (obviously only cut when ready to gift:)

Now you're ready to wrap and roll! If you keep all of these items in one convenient location you are already setting yourself up for success. Next week I'll show you how to whip up a quick gift that looks AMAZING and will possibly make someone cry - in a good way!

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