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There's a story behind every moment

Perhaps not the most beautiful photo but this is beautiful and exciting to me. Kelly is retiring from her job of 20+ years working for my father-in-law. I was able to curate a box for her and it was the best sort of fun. I love the story part of gifting, there's always a story.

Yesterday a sweet woman reached out, her husband had just passed away and she was trying to track down the person who had sent her an anonymous gift from our shop. As any bereaved person would be, she was touched and wanted to find the person to say "thank you!" I love that despite our trials (because we all have them) there's ❤ in the world, there's accomplishments to congratulate and there's holidays to celebrate.

So, what's the last gift you've given and what was the reason? Were they sad and needing cheering? Were they new neighbors that you wanted to reach out to and welcome? Was it to congratulate a new little one into the world or perhaps you needed to say goodbye to a friend who is moving? Whatever the reason, we need each other and I'm glad your taking the time to be apart of someone's story.

"...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!" 🎼🌏

XO -  Leilani / beautiful life advocate


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