About Us


Hello, Welcome to Udderly Me!

Thanks so much for visiting. I'm Leilani, mama to six kids including these three beautiful daughters! We're so happy to bring you quality, fun and inspired products. Our goal is to serve you as a mama, an excited grandma shopping for your newest little babe or if you're a super cool sister needing something fun. We've got you covered! 


Udderly Me came to life way back in 2010 just after the arrival of my 3rd baby. Back then, I hand-sewed custom nursing covers with backs, and the idea was a hit. However, as time passed, I needed to step away from Udderly Me for a bit and focus on raising my babies. After many years and more babies, I felt called to reopen the doors and even better- now I get to work with my girls! We are thrilled you're here!

We believe in creating beautiful lives & relationships. We're tickled pink to support you because mother and sisterhood are some of the most important relationships in life. The girls and I personally hand-select every item to make sure that you're experiencing the highest quality, softest materials, and most useful products to make your relationships more meaningful and fun. Because we're all girls, we're bringing you the very best -  that's Udderly Me (us)!


A mother-daughter company -

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With love,

Leilani (mama), Sydney (13), Sadie (8) and Charley (5)