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Simple Life Box Collaborations

Hello and thank you for your interest in collaborating on this incredible project! I couldn't be more thrilled to have you here and appreciate the talents and skill sets you bring to this collaboration. 

This is a monthly subscription box which includes 3-4 décor items that features a monthly calendar theme. For example the May box includes spring and Mothers Day décor, June will have chic lemon vibe, July is of course independence themed, Aug etc... Each box will include a "style card" that will feature showcase the items in the box, the retail shops where the items are from and of course the style/photographer. Below is a sample of a what a style card may look like.

My goal is to have you, a contributor, agree to receiving 2-3 boxes where you style and photograph the items in a way where the pics serve as inspiration and they can see the possibility of the items in the box. (Having your kids included in the pics would be magical as it would show the excitement little ones have when mom celebrates seasons, but not necessary for the collab - whatever your comfort level is;) 

The pictures need to be sent to me in a timely fashion so that I may design, print and pack the style cards in each box to be mailed the last week of every month. The box will be mailed to you the beginning of each month. For example, this  June box will be mailed to you by next week (if you like this idea). The photos would need to be sent to me no later then the 15-17th of every month. I will always tag you when using your photos and give you complete style/photo credit.

My commitment is to mail you high-quality pieces as a trade for your time to style, photograph and edit. Boxes will include items from different shops to add variety and value to the curation.

More information for the boxes are here so that you can understand more of the vision and also who these boxes serve. I would love several sizes of the photos for website and social media purposes. 

I hope this information answers some questions but I suspect there may be more so please reach out! I am once again so excited to work with you and hope this project provides value and excitement for your kids:)

All the best,